Here are some ways to improve your writing. Specific ideas for how to do some of the suggestions below will be posted later. Don’t forget to check the “Reading” page! Reading is one way that native speakers learn how to write well in their first languages. Reading can help you write in a second language, too.

  1. Start your own blog!
  2. Join a mailing list on a topic you’re interested in.
  3. Get a pen-pal or e-mail penpal.
  4. Create a website.
  5. Contribute to Wikipedia.
  6. Join a writing club.
  7. Get a learner’s dictionary that describes the connotations of words.
  8. Use Google to check how words are used.
  9. Play the English versions of multiplayer online games.
  10. Join an international association or tourist information organization and help write materials.
  11. Take an online class.
  12. Write reviews of local restaurants and hotels.
  13. READ often!
  14. Try Twitter!
  15. Check the Readable Blog posts tagged “Writing”!

One thought on “Writing”

  1. Strong list. I would also add write online movie reviews for http://www.imdb.com, contribute book reviews to Amazon, and review a consumer product. Of course, one should also maintain a journal with a particular focus like “my first semester in the United States”, etc.

    Again, I would also suggest reading and listening to both national public radio, BBC, and Voice of America Special English broadcasts.

    Finally, you might consider writing a postcard a week to practice writing in English, share your experiences with friends and relatives, and learning to write in a concise manner. Be reader focused, and have fun!

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