Twitter Tips

Here are some suggestions for making Twitter more fun and useful.

Find more people to follow
by clicking on the Following link on someone you’re already following. If that user has anything labeled Lists, you can look at those, too (it’s a way to organize your followers). You can even follow an entire list!

Find even more people to follow by searching for a hashtag you’re interested in, such as #baking, or just searching for a word or place. Hashtags are often connected to topics or specific events, like Macworld, TED, a big concert or game, etc. If you put a # (hash mark) in front of a word, it becomes clickable on and in Twitter apps. Anyone who clicks it will see all tweets containing that hashtag. Yes, you can start your own! You can also look for tweetups (friendly meetings of Twitter users) in your area, such as tweetup tokyo. Don’t be afraid to go!

You can make more than one account if you want to have another account in your own language, for your family or business, etc. You just need one e-mail address for each account, but that’s easy with or other accounts. With Gmail, you can also use to add more accounts to one e-mail. (If you make another Twitter account for your business, be sure to follow people back and interact!)

You can post photos using TwitPic. It also just uses your Twitter username and password. Twaudio does the same thing for sound.

Make sure you have a profile picture! (It’s also called an “icon” or “avatar.”) It helps other Twitterers remember you. It also helps other users know that you are not a spammer. That’s why it’s a bad idea to keep using the Twitter egg image! You can upload your own image from your computer. Twitter will make it the right size. You don’t need to edit the picture. (When people click on the small picture in your profile, they will see the big one.) You can use a site such as Elouai‘s Candybar and Dollmakers (the “disk” icon saves pictures). You can also use Abi-Station. (You don’t need to use their small Twitter Icon Maker. You can use any of them.) You can even use images from InterFaceLift.

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Thanks for reading! If you give it a try and have questions, just send me a tweet!

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