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Twitter Lists – How to Use Them

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There is a nice function (thing you can use) on Twitter called Lists. You can read about lists on Twitter’s site in English, in Japanese, and in other languages (change it at the top).

If you look at another user’s lists (like my lists), you can do one of two things.
1. You can choose to follow one or more people on the list, depending on whether you think that person looks interesting. Click on each user’s name and then [+ Follow] if you decide to follow that person. This person’s tweets will appear in your timeline now.
2. You can choose to follow the whole list. All of these people’s tweets will NOT appear in your timeline. You’ll have to go to your lists to read tweets from this group. This is useful if you want to organize your Twitter reading. Click on the [+ Follow This List] button to do it this way.

If you make your own lists, you can keep them private so that other people can’t see or follow them. This is useful. If a list is public, people can see that they have been added to a list.

I’ve made some Twitter lists that you can follow. Please go to Twitter Lists by @readable to check them out.