Twitter Lists by @readable

I’ve made some lists that might be interesting to you. If you have ANY questions about the lists, what a list is, etc., ask me on Twitter!

  • Follow Me is a list of regular @readable followers. They are all people who would like more followers. In other words, if you’d like to find more Twitter friends 1) look at this list, and follow anyone you’d like to follow 2) if you want to, ask me to add you to the list.
  • US-Japan Exchange is a list of students from a community college in California. This college is in a part of the northeast San Francisco Bay Area where not many Japanese people live. The students are all in an anime (Japanese animation) club and would like to meet Japanese Twitter users. Some of them are new to Twitter, so please be kind to them! I hope to add more students to the list soon.
  • English Reading – Easy, Intermediate, and Advanced are three lists that I made. These accounts mostly tweet links to blog posts and news articles. I sorted them very roughly (not exactly) based on how long the posts usually are and how difficult the vocabulary is. Some accounts are on two lists.

    If you really like any of them, please tell me so that I know! If you know others I should add, please tell me that, too.

    • English Reading – Easy: Compared to the other lists, there are more accounts that just tweet things (you don’t have to click a link). It also includes a lot of funny websites, jokes, fashion, photo, and kids’ news accounts. I need more easy ideas – please tell me if you know some.
    • English Reading – Intermediate: A lot of different topics, including comics, music, recipes, funny photos, photos, DIY/crafts, apartment living, technology, and more.
    • English Reading – Advanced: A lot of different topics, including more advanced humor, video game news, fashion, food trends, Korean and Japanese popular culture news, linguistics, science news, daily living advice, etc.

    I’ll try to add to these lists. Please check my list page on Twitter sometimes to see if there are new accounts to follow.

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