Using Twitter can be a fun way to relax and use English. I especially recommend Twitter if you live where you don’t have many chances to speak English. It’s short–only 140 characters (letters, numbers, symbols, etc.). It’s very casual. You don’t need to worry about writing perfect English or long sentences.

What is Twitter?
Twitter is a service that is like a mix of a blog and a chat room. People from all over the world use it to talk to each other and share information. Companies, newspapers, TV shows, and celebrities use it, too. Anyone can use it, and it’s free.

Here’s a blog post by a famous English teacher from Japan, Makoto Ishiwata, about why you should consider using Twitter: “Suggestion: three easy steps for the Japanese to start tweeting in English” (English & Japanese). Most of his points, except for the one about #eigodewa, apply to non-Japanese people, too.

If you’d like to try it, please read the pages below.

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