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Here are some quick suggestions for ways to improve your speaking skills.

  1. Speak as often as you can!
  2. Learn the International Phonetic Alphabet to help you understand the similarities and differences between the sounds in different languages.
  3. Don’t stress out over your accent or trying to pronounce sounds “like a native speaker.” The important thing is to be understandable. After all, everyone has an accent!
  4. Practice speaking with your friends. Go out for lunch and have an all-English rule!
  5. Use computer-based calling to talk to international friends.
  6. Volunteer with a tourist information office, an international friendship association, etc.
  7. Find an international club to join.
  8. LISTEN as much as you can.
  9. (More ideas coming soon!)
  10. Check the Readable Blog posts tagged “Speaking”!

One thought on “Speaking”

  1. Good list. I would add call 1-800- numbers and discuss catalog items, listen to books on podcasts, make national public radio and the BBC programs part of your daily routine, and get to know a friend or relative better.

    In general, I like the slogan “ask more, know more, and share more.”

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