I have just started adding to these pages! More will come in the future.

Listening to English can improve your listening skills, your speaking skills, your grammar, etc. It’s a good way to learn pronunciation, common sentence patterns, slang, intonation, and more.

  1. Watch DVDs with English subtitles on, and then again with the subtitles off.
  2. Learn and sing English lyrics. Go to karaoke with your friends!
  3. Listen to podcasts (links coming soon!)
  4. Search for interesting videos at Youtube.
  5. Speak English with your friends.
  6. Use computer-based calling services to talk to international friends.
  7. Listen to audiobooks.
  8. Listen to English-language radio programs (see below).
  9. (More ideas coming soon!)
  10. Check the Readable Blog posts tagged “Listening”!

Click below to listen to a radio station that is local to me. It is an NPR station, so there are no commercials. If it’s boring when you try it, try it again later! They have many different kinds of shows.

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  1. Hi, Damian. That’s great! I’ll check it out. I don’t know much about sports, but I know lots of people love football/soccer.

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