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A rant!

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Tweet I am going to take a minute to do something different. I’m going to write a “rant.” A rant is when people write or talk about something in an angry way. Usually, they talk about something that bothers them […] [...]

Pitfalls: “Married TO,” Not “Married WITH”

Tweet She is married to him. He was the first in his family to get married to someone from another country. Two of my friends would like to be married to each other, but it’s still not legal in this state, because they are both men. In these sentences and others, referring to the state […] [...]

Dare to Fail

Tweet Elizabeth Bear, an excellent writer whom I’ve gotten to know online, posted this line in her blog today: To double your success rate, quintuple your failure rate. (That means “To have twice as many successes, you should try failing five times as much.”) She was talking about writing fiction, but this is also true […] [...]