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These are very simple, short definitions. For example, some people disagree about what a “first language” really is. So, for more details, please look up these terms at Wikipedia or Google.

Blog: “Web” + “log.” An online journal. A collection of themed posts that are frequently updated.

Category: A set of posts with related ideas.

Comment: A note left by a blog reader in reply to a blog post. Or, the act of leaving such a note. Example: “I wanted to know more, so I left a comment in her blog.” “I commented in his blog yesterday.”

Communicative language teaching: A way of teaching language with the goal of helping people express themselves in the language. Grammar and accent are not as important as being able to express your ideas.

Digg: A free service that lets you share a good web page or blog post with other people.

Dreamhost: The company who provides the space where this blog is stored. You can read about them at I pay Dreamhost to host my websites and blogs.

EAP: English for Academic Purposes. Studying English with the goal of enrolling in an English-speaking school.

EFL: English as a Foreign Language. Studying English in an area with few native English speakers.

ESL: English as a Second Language. Studying English anywhere, or studying English in an English-speaking country.

ESP: English for Special Purposes. For example, the English needed by a tour guide, airplane pilot, or doctor.

Feed: A way to read blogs and other sites without visiting the actual website.

First language: A person’s native language or native languages.

Flame: To write angry, extreme comments online; or the angry, extreme comment itself. (I will delete comments on this website that contain flames or any other kinds of insults about anybody.)

Google Ads: A service provided by Google, in which they place ads on a website or blog. In return, the website or blog owner gets a small amount of money every time the ad is clicked on by a reader. The website or blog owner does not pick the ads and does not know if the ads are for good products or services.

IEP: Intensive English Program. A program where students study English for several hours each day.

L1: Short for “first language.”

L2: Short for “second language.”

MeCommerce: A service that places product ads on a website/blog owner’s page. The owner receives 50% of the profit if a reader buys something.

Multilingual: Able to speak more than one language (people). Containing groups who speak more than one language (cultures, schools, nations, etc.).

Permalink: The URL of a certain page or blog post, which should be permanent so it can be sent to your friends, saved, etc.

Post: An entry on a blog.

RSS: See “Feed.”

Second language: Any language(s) that a person can speak in addition to his or her native language(s).

Spam: Unwanted ads or other comments sent by e-mail or in blog comments, without the permission of the blog owner, the recipient, etc.

TEFL: Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

TESL: Teaching English as a Second Language.

TESOL: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Also, the professional association for ESL/EFL teachers.

Trolling: Posting a comment just to get an angry response from others. (Trolling is not allowed here.)

WordPress: The free software that lets me write this blog. You can start your own at