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If you have an English grammar or vocabulary question, or an American culture question, I might answer it on the blog. I won’t use your name! The reason I would like to answer it on the blog is that usually a lot of people have the same problem or question, and that way a lot of people can read the answer. It would be really helpful.

Also, I can’t answer questions quickly because my regular job is teaching English and editing English writing. I have to help my students (and take care of my family) before I can answer questions here. If you need help with your homework or writing a letter that you need to send quickly, you should ask someone else. I’m sorry!

Please do not ask me to tutor you online for free, answer your homework questions, send you books, or answer difficult questions quickly. (Yes, people have asked these things!) I also can’t help with citizenship or international work advice.

I am available for paid professional editing, proofreading, and rewriting work. Please see my other website for more information.

Thank you!

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