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Fire in California

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Tweet You can read about the Rim Fire in California here. The article is long, but it’s not difficult. [...]

What is Facebook For?

Tweet Readable Blog For me and most of my friends, Facebook is a good way to connect with our real-life friends and family. Unlike Twitter, the people that we are “friends” with on Facebook are usually people that we know well. We also use Facebook to become “fans” (or “like”) the pages of businesses that […] [...]

Twitter Lists – Reading Material

Tweet I know that many of you use Twitter, so I’ve made some lists of Twitter accounts that you might like to follow. I started working on this about 8 days ago. I stopped because of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I was watching the news and trying to contact friends. Then, after that, […] [...]

An Early Spring Walk


Tweet A few days ago, I went to a special park in my town. This park is a kind of garden around an old house. (I didn’t get a good photo of the house.) I like walking around in the garden. There are different flowers in every season. You can see a gazebo behind the […] [...]

Contest Winners – Most Thoughtful

Tweet Here is the final contest winner, for “Most Thoughtful” writeup of a technique. I’d like to entry the contest! My way to study English is watching DVDs of ”Friends”. To begin with, I often watch it subtitled in Japanese to understand its outline, after that,I watch it subtitled in English, then without subtitle several times. […] [...]

A Friend’s Christmas Day

Tweet I thought some of you might like to see my friend’s Christmas Day. She lives in the southern part of the central US. On Christmas Day, there were four generations of her family in one house! Here’s Christmas morning. They have a very tall tree (it’s taller than mine or my parents’). However, many […] [...]

Contest Winners – Most Useful Techniques

Tweet Thanks again to everyone who entered! Here are the first two winners. I’ve posted their submissions “as is,” which means that I didn’t edit their English. The main focus for this contest was good ideas, not perfect grammar! The first category is “Most Useful Technique,” based on my opinion as a teacher and as […] [...]

New Links

Tweet I’ve added some new links to the sidebar on the left. Here’s some information about each one. Learning English from Friends: Terry is a non-native English speaker from Korea who’s been working in the US as a systems application engineer since 2006. This cool blog is about his and his friends’ experiences learning English. […] [...]

Fashion Blogs & Websites

Tweet Here are some English-language blogs you might enjoy if you like fashion: The Fashion Police Files Advanced Style Haute Macabre (warning: includes lingerie/underwear) Ne Plus Ultras The Sartorialist The Dandy Project Mrs.O The Urban Gent The Chocolate Fashion Blog Punky Style Diary of a Vintage Girl Can you find one that suits you? There […] [...]

TED | Translations

Tweet I’m posting twice in one day! Crazy! Here’s a resource for intermediate to advanced learners: TED | Translations. TED talks have become extremely famous for their interesting topics and good presentations. The speeches are from 6-20 minutes long, with still images or videos (NOT traditional Powerpoint). The speakers talk about everything: dance, robots, food, […] [...]