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Contest Winners – Most Unusual Technique

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Tweet The second category is the “Most Unusual Technique.” If you read about his technique, I think you’ll agree that it’s pretty unusual! Hi Clarissa, I decided to submit one tip for practising English that comes very handy on situations […] [...]

Dare to Fail

Tweet Elizabeth Bear, an excellent writer whom I’ve gotten to know online, posted this line in her blog today: To double your success rate, quintuple your failure rate. (That means “To have twice as many successes, you should try failing five times as much.”) She was talking about writing fiction, but this is also true […] [...]

Daily Yomiuri Online English Special

Tweet There’s an interesting set of articles about English currently online at website for the Daily Yomiuri, a Japanese newspaper. I agree with many, though not all, of the ideas expressed in the articles. Here are two I particularly liked: “Forging Paths toward Fluency” by Brian Chapman: “A key element in learning a foreign language […] [...]

ABCs for English Learners

Tweet Emily Chen wrote a list called ABCs for English Learners, which is a fun list of ways you can approach your English studies. [...]

Learning to learn

Tweet In my MA program, we talk about “metacognitive strategies.” These strategies are ways you consciously think about how to learn, use, and remember information or skills. One way to think about it is “learning how to learn better.” This article, Hacking Knowledge, lists 77 different ways to learn better. I don’t agree with all […] [...]