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New Links

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I’ve added some new links to the sidebar on the left.

Here’s some information about each one.

  • Learning English from Friends: Terry is a non-native English speaker from Korea who’s been working in the US as a systems application engineer since 2006. This cool blog is about his and his friends’ experiences learning English. (The way you really learn a language when you live overseas is that you talk with people, you make mistakes, and you learn new things from your friends. That’s what he’s writing about. It’s fun!) I really like this blog. Terry is a great example of an enthusiastic language learner who likes thinking about language.
  • Jukugo: If you are Japanese and use Twitter, you probably know about Jukugo already. This blog is bilingual (English/Japanese) and focuses on idioms. The author includes cute drawings with each post.
  • Business English in 5 Minutes: Naturally, this blog is about business English. Each post is short.
  • ESOL Courses Blog has short posts to help you study English.
  • ESOL Courses – Free English Lessons Online has grammar practice, vocabulary, and other activities.
  • Listen a Minute: This site gives you listening practice. You can listen to a short speech about something (Harry Potter, the World Cup, fast food, etc.). You can read the words, too, and test yourself on it. The English is at an low-intermediate to intermediate level. There are no definitions or explanations, so you might have to use a learners’ dictionary.

I’m going to change the organization of the site when I have time. If you like these links, you should save them. I recommend using Delicious, Xmarks, or another bookmark manager. If you do that, you can have the same bookmarks on every computer that you use.

Thank you!

I got some answers from you here and on Twitter. (If you are an English learner, you can follow me on Twitter at readable. If you’re an English teacher, you can follow me at talkclouds. Of course, if you are both, you can follow both!)

Thank you for telling me what you think. It sounds like many people are interested in a blog about daily life and other topics. It sounds like you’ll be happy to have something that’s easy to read in English. I would like to do that for you, so I’ll be changing this blog to be mostly an easy English journal.

However, I also want to change the design. So please wait while I fix it. It might look strange while I get it ready. Don’t be surprised if it changes several times!

Site change…?

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Hi, everyone!

Recently, it’s been difficult for me to write here. Because of this, I’m thinking about changing this blog. I want to write here more often, and I want it to be useful to you (ESL and EFL learners).

Here’s my question for you:

If I write about my daily life in easy-to-read English, is that useful for you?

I’ll include some notes about idioms or slang if I use them. I’ll try to include pictures, too.

I think it’s useful to read easy-to-understand English, because that’s one of the best ways to improve grammar, vocabulary, etc. However, it’s really hard to find easy-to-understand English online. That’s why I’m thinking about doing this.

Please comment by clicking on Write a Comment and then Submit a Comment. Tell me if you think this is a good idea.

I’m worried about one thing: my life in the San Francisco Bay Area of the USA might not be very exciting!

If you have any ideas or questions, please tell me. If there’s something you’d like me to write about, please tell me.

If you don’t like my idea and you want me to do something else, you can tell me that, too.

Thank you!

(I still think “Pitfalls” and “Good Words,” etc., are useful, and I’m thinking about a new site where I could put those. I’m also thinking about a site where I could introduce special topics such as 外来語 and 和製英語 for my Japanese readers. So if you are interested in grammar and advance topics, don’t worry–I’m not giving up.)