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OMG English!

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Tweet I’ve made a Tumblr for English vocabulary. Mostly, I’ll post English words and phrases that have been changed when they are used in other languages. There won’t be a lot of writing. You can look at the word and […] [...]

Long Time No See!

Tweet I’m still alive! I am enjoying my new job, but I have been even busier than I expected. How about joining me on Facebook? Readable Blog is on Facebook! It doesn’t take much time to write a Facebook post, so I post there more than I write here. I’m also @readable on Twitter. I […] [...]

Contest Winners – Most Thoughtful

Tweet Here is the final contest winner, for “Most Thoughtful” writeup of a technique. I’d like to entry the contest! My way to study English is watching DVDs of ”Friends”. To begin with, I often watch it subtitled in Japanese to understand its outline, after that,I watch it subtitled in English, then without subtitle several times. […] [...]

Contest Winners – Most Fun Technique

Tweet The next-to-last category is “Most Fun Technique.” This sounds like fun to me! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share tools for learning English. I really want to know how everyone’s learning it. And CONGRATULATIONS on your 100th blog!! I like music and alway listen to the web radio during the work […] [...]

Contest Winners – Best Technique for EFL Learners

Tweet The third category in the contest is the “Best Technique for English as a Foreign Language Learners.” I use VOA special English program ( ) to practise “shadowing”. “Shadowing” is an established method most Japanese interpreters use for their training. My level isn’t that high, so I chose VOA special English programs for […] [...]

Contest Winners – Most Unusual Technique

Tweet The second category is the “Most Unusual Technique.” If you read about his technique, I think you’ll agree that it’s pretty unusual! Hi Clarissa, I decided to submit one tip for practising English that comes very handy on situations when foreign English speakers have difficulties with speaking English due to so called ‘mind-chatter’. It’s […] [...]

Contest Winners – Most Useful Techniques

Tweet Thanks again to everyone who entered! Here are the first two winners. I’ve posted their submissions “as is,” which means that I didn’t edit their English. The main focus for this contest was good ideas, not perfect grammar! The first category is “Most Useful Technique,” based on my opinion as a teacher and as […] [...]

Contest Reminder

Tweet Don’t forget to enter the contest! It’s very easy. By the way, your English does not need to be perfect. Your ideas are much more important than your grammar or spelling. So please give it a try! [...]

100 Posts and a Contest!

Tweet This is post #100! Time for the first Readable Blog contest! HOW TO PARTICIPATE The contest theme is “Sharing Our English Tools.” Think about one way that you practice or study English — something that works well for you. It can be anything. It should be something that you actually do. Think of a […] [...]

New Page Added: Improving Your English in Asia

Tweet I’ve added a new permanent page to the site. It’s Improving Your English in Asia. In the future, you can find the link at the top of the page. Look at “Ways to Improve Your English,” and then “Improving Your English in Asia.” Many of my friends who live in Asia say it’s difficult […] [...]