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WEIRD AL: TACKY music video (I’m sorry — I can’t put the video in my post. Please click to go watch it.)

You’ve seen Pharrell’s video “Happy,” right?

This video is a parody video. In other words, it’s almost the same song, but it has funny new words. The musician is “Weird Al” Yankovic. He was very popular with people my age when we were young. He’s still making funny songs, so I’m still a fan.

In this video, Weird Al and several comedians dance and sing. It sounds like “Happy,” but it’s about being “tacky.”

Adjective: tacky

Noun: tackiness

The Longman Dictionary of English says

if something is tacky, it looks cheap or badly made, and shows poor taste:

tacky ornaments

especially American English showing that you do not have good judgment about what is socially acceptable:

It’s kind of tacky to give her a present that someone else gave you.
It’s a little hard to define “tacky,” because it’s based on social rules. Those rules are different for different people. Here are some things that people I know think are tacky:
– Ed Hardy brand clothes
– Anything that Paris Hilton does
– Wearing a lot of brand logos, like Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, etc.
– Asking directly for money as a wedding gift
– Telling everyone your big salary at your new job
– Many things that are for sale in souvenir shops (warning: some images might be “adult” — don’t look at work!)
– Bringing fast food to a potluck dinner party
– Taking a selfie at a funeral
I think that “tacky” is connected to being inappropriate, showing off, and being self-centered. Still, it’s really hard to define, and people often don’t agree on what is tacky. (For example, giving money for a wedding gift is normal in many groups. Potluck dinner parties are common in the US, but asking guests to bring food is very rude in some other countries.)
Similar words: crass, crude, tasteless, over the top, kitschy, inappropriate.