An Early Spring Walk

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A few days ago, I went to a special park in my town. This park is a kind of garden around an old house. (I didn’t get a good photo of the house.) I like walking around in the garden. There are different flowers in every season.


You can see a gazebo behind the flowers. It’s is a nice place to sit and look at the flowers. Many parks and some big yards have gazebos.


In the 1800s, there were a lot of farms and orchards (tree/fruit tree farms) in the San Francisco Bay Area. All of the orchards in this county are gone now, because we now mostly have cities with houses and offices. (A county is an official area. It’s smaller than a state. Each state in the US has several counties.) However, in the back of this park, there’s a small area with a few short, old trees. These trees are the last few trees from the last orchard in our county. The photo above is of a few branches on one of the trees. It looks like a cherry tree, but I’m not sure.


Here’s a close-up of the blossoms on another tree in the main garden. I think these flowers were past their peak (already beyond their best point), but they’re still pretty. It had rained recently, as you can see. (Because the San Francisco Bay Area has a Mediterranean-style climate, we only have rain between around November and April.)


This is a neighborhood near the park. You can see green hills in the distance. These hills don’t become green until wintertime here. That was hard for me to get used to when I moved here!

How is the weather where you are?
Is it still too cold to take a walk, or is the weather already nice?

2 thoughts on “An Early Spring Walk”

  1. I am SO GRATEFUL for you that you put my blog in your blogroll list. I am really honored with it. Thank you very much.

    I still feel a bit cold here in Yamaguchi-prf. However, I am looking forward being able to stroll around a little in April. We have Tokiwa-park in our city about 10 min. drive from my house. There are many cherry-trees there and its blossoms will beautiful next month.

    I wish I were skillful for PC like you. Just have depended on support-center,haha.

  2. Hello! Thank you for letting me link to it. :) I’ll look up Tokiwa tomorrow! I’m sure I’ll be able to find some photos somewhere (I’m looking forward to yours, though).

    I’ve been using computers since I was little (my parents bought a home computer when they were really new, in the early 1980s). So they’re “second nature” to me! Anyway, don’t worry; lots of teachers are still afraid to use Twitter or blog at all. You’re ahead of a lot of people. :)

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