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My husband was working yesterday, so we didn’t do much for Valentine’s Day. Today, we decided to go out for breakfast. But something really surprising and scary happened!

We went to a pancake restaurant near where we live. It’s my favorite breakfast restaurant. We got a table by the window and sat on the same side of the table. I sat closest to the windows. It’s a big old A-frame building. It has windows along the front and one entire side. To my right, there was a tall window. Outside the window was the sidewalk. Past the sidewalk was a handicapped parking space.

When we were almost done eating, we heard a loud noise. It sounded like tires screeching, when someone goes really fast around a corner or from a stop. How weird! I looked out the window. I didn’t see a sports car in the parking lot or anything like that.

But I did see a white minivan parking in the handicapped space. It was facing directly toward us. (An American-style minivan, so that means it’s a BIG van in most countries!)

And it wasn’t stopping. The minivan was driving right toward our table!

“Don’t be an idiot! Don’t just sit here and stare at it, like people do in TV shows,” I thought, “Get the heck out of the way!

At this point, I don’t really know what happened. I can’t remember the details clearly. I know I got up and moved as fast as I could. The next thing I remember is that I fell down while I was getting away from the window. I was surprised that I was on the floor, and I heard a loud bang. (That was the sound of the minivan hitting the building.) I looked up.

I saw that the big glass window hadn’t broken (and absolutely no one else had moved). The minivan had stopped. It hadn’t broken through the wall or glass. (Actually, it had hit the building really hard and bounced off, but I didn’t know that until later.)

I stood up and people started asking if I was okay. I said I thought so. Several people said “You guys moved fast!” I was a little embarrassed, so I said “I guess we overreacted.” (That is, I thought maybe we had done too much. Actually, I didn’t think so, but I felt self-conscious.)

“I don’t think you overreacted,” said a man from another table. He got up and went to the support beam that touched our table. Since it’s an A-frame building (shaped like an A, not a square), there was a big metal or wood beam that went from the floor to the ceiling, like a / . He said “Look at this.” The A-frame beam was broken at a joint where it connected to something. Wow, scary! One of the staff members quickly came over and moved our things to a table in another part of the restaurant.

My husband and our waiter ran outside to check on the driver and the passenger in the car. They were okay, just shaken up (scared). The driver had accidentally pressed the gas pedal instead of the brake

The owner was calling his insurance and the police and so on when we left. Anyway, I’m glad no one was really hurt, the glass wasn’t damaged, and so on. I hope the repairs aren’t too difficult for the owner (he’s a really nice guy).

My knee is a little bruised from where I hit the floor. I put some ice on it earlier, and I’ll put some more ice on it later.

That was definitely one of the most interesting ways I’ve ever started my day. It was kind of like being in a movie. Actually, it was too interesting. I don’t want to do that again. But we were lucky that it wasn’t worse…

I’m REALLY glad it wasn’t like THIS:

DEFENESTRATION THE MOVIE from Everything Is Terrible! on Vimeo.

Luckily, the restaurant was built much better than the ones in the movies and TV shows above!

(“Defenestration” is a rarely used English word that means “the act of throwing someone or something out of a window,” but this video has scenes of things going into and out of windows. I guess whether it’s “in” or “out” or “through” depends on where you are.)

3 thoughts on “Action Movie Restaurant”

  1. First of all I got relieved to see both of you were safe. Some people make the same mistake trying to park their car and crash into windows of conveniencestore.And the attached looooong video was amazing!

  2. Yeah, I guess it happens everywhere, right? I’m just a little nervous about sitting by a window with parking spaces like that in the future … and I don’t want to ever live in a house at the end of a street. haha!

    That video is impressive. It must have taken a long time for that person to make it…

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