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The next-to-last category is “Most Fun Technique.” This sounds like fun to me!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share tools for learning English. I really want to know how everyone’s learning it. And CONGRATULATIONS on your 100th blog!!

I like music and alway listen to the web radio during the work all day. When I come across a song that I like, I look up the words I didn’t understand. Here is my tool. and then I get to know the meaning of the lyric. After that, I sing the song over and over again. In the radio I usually listen to, they seem to bring songs, which are routine. It means that I can take a test if I can sing the song I liked well everyday.

I’m not really sure if it works for improving my English. But It’s really fun to sing a song in English. That makes me feel as I’m a real English speaker at least at that time! ;)

I look forward to another great tools!

Thanks a lot!

@pakuchi5 on Twitter sent in this idea. I think it’s a really fun idea! I’m trying to learn some Japanese songs for karaoke myself. Song lyrics aren’t perfect for learning grammar, but they’re good for other things. They’re definitely fun and motivating if you like music.

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  1. I guess this is a very effective way to learn English; especially to learn pronunciation, stress & intonation.

    I’ve met several people who are very good at English pronunciation & have never stayed abroad.
    I ask them how they learned English and most of them answer that they just liked to sing American/British songs since they were younger.

    As you know, Japanese language doesn’t have so much stress in a word or in a sentence; very flat.
    Singing in English to music helps Japanese a lot learn where to stress etc., I guess :)
    I’ll definitely try this method. Thank you @pakuchi5! :D

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