Contest Winners – Most Unusual Technique

The second category is the “Most Unusual Technique.” If you read about his technique, I think you’ll agree that it’s pretty unusual!

Hi Clarissa,

I decided to submit one tip for practising English that comes very handy on situations when foreign English speakers have difficulties with speaking English due to so called ‘mind-chatter’.

It’s a feeling in one’s mind as if hundreds of thoughts are repeating themselves over and over again and preventing from having a clear and fluent English speech.

I know for a fact that plenty of foreign English speakers experience this issue every now and then and I’ve described my technique of dealing with it in my blog post here:

I still get this ‘mind-chatter’ every once in a while myself and the way of dealing with it as described in my blog post helps me every time.

I’d be glad if you accepted this as an entry for the contest!

The winning technique above was submitted by @englishharmony (non-Twitter users were welcome to enter, but only Twitter users entered).

Well, driving yourself crazy with English can definitely get in the way of speaking fluently–especially if you’re focusing too much on trying to remember rules and difficult vocabulary words. So maybe taking a break is a good idea sometimes.

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