Halloween 2010

This year I was really busy during October. I wasn’t able to plan a Halloween party. It’s too bad, because I love having Halloween parties.

Here are some photos from a couple of years ago.

Here are some small lanterns I put outside my place. We usually put decorations outside our homes as well as inside.

In the front is a candle decoration that I made. On the right is a pumpkin that has not been carved yet. On the left is what was inside a pumpkin. That pumpkin has already been carved into a jack-o’lantern.

You can see some of the snacks that we had at our party. (No, we’re not good at making sushi!) You can also see party favors in little bags.

Anyway, I’m not having a party tonight or tomorrow. But tonight we visited a special Halloween event that our city has.

There’s an old building here. It used to be part of a rich person’s house. Now it’s only used once a year for a “haunted house”! I think about 75 people were in line. It costs $3, and the money is given to local charities.

You can see just a few of the booths with carnival games and Halloween items for sale. The games are similar to festival games in other countries.

My favorite part: caramel apples! I always get one that’s covered in chopped peanuts. These are made right there by volunteers. They taste so good! The apples are a little bit tart, and the nuts are nutty, crunchy, and a little salty. So it’s not as sweet as it looks.

Lots of little kids and a few adults go to this event in costume. The volunteers who work there have fun, and my money is given to charity. I really enjoy going there every year.

I hope you have a great Halloween, or a great October 31st if you aren’t interested in Halloween!

P. S. Enter the contest! It’s so easy–just share your ideas with us! Only 2 people have entered so far…your chances are good!

Carve (v.): to make an object or shape by cutting a piece of wood or stone (usually). However, it’s also the special verb that we use for making jack-o’-lanterns. (Ex. “My grandfather carved this wooden toy.”)
Favor (n.): a small gift given to guests at a wedding banquet, birthday party, etc. (“party favor,” etc.). (Ex. “I’ve heard that in Taiwan and Japan, the wedding favors are really nice.”)
Local (adj., also n.): related to where you live or the area you are talking about. (Ex. “The local bookstore is really good. I never have to leave my neighborhood to buy books.”)
In costume (phrase): Americans usually don’t say “fancy dress.” (That’s British English.) We say “I’m going in costume”/”I’m going in costume as Superman” or “I’m wearing a costume”/”I’m wearing a black cat costume.” If everyone already knows you’re talking about costumes, you can use “go as”: “I’m going as a mermaid.”
Charity (n.): a group that gives money, items, training, or other help to people who need it. (Ex. “That charity is famous for helping poor women start businesses.”)
Volunteer (n., also v.): someone who does a job without being paid, because he or she wants to (often for a charity). (Ex. “Volunteering with a local tourism office is a good way to practice English.”)
Tart (adj.): having a sharp, sour taste–some apples are more tart, and some are more sweet. I like apples that are both! (Ex. “I like frozen yogurt that still has some tart flavor in it.”)

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