New Page Added: Improving Your English in Asia

I’ve added a new permanent page to the site. It’s Improving Your English in Asia. In the future, you can find the link at the top of the page. Look at “Ways to Improve Your English,” and then “Improving Your English in Asia.”

Many of my friends who live in Asia say it’s difficult to improve their English. They say they can’t practice English easily, can’t listen to correct English easily, can’t meet fluent English speakers, and so on.

I agree, it’s not as easy in East Asia as it is in Western Europe or some other places. However, it is possible. You need to be motivated (you need to really want to do it). You need to be creative. You need to spend time finding ways to improve your English. Then you need to spend time actually doing it. If you do that, you’ll be able to improve your English anywhere in the world.

The list of ways to improve your English is pretty long. I put a lot of things on there because I want you to find several things that are useful for you. Also, some of the things on the list are only good for advanced learners or for people who can read Japanese.

Of course, I live in the US, and I’m learning Japanese. I need to do the same thing for myself when I’m studying Japanese!

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