Fashion Blogs & Websites

Here are some English-language blogs you might enjoy if you like fashion:

The Fashion Police Files
Advanced Style
Haute Macabre (warning: includes lingerie/underwear)
Ne Plus Ultras
The Sartorialist
The Dandy Project
The Urban Gent
The Chocolate Fashion Blog
Punky Style
Diary of a Vintage Girl

Can you find one that suits you?

There are also lots of English blogs about Asian fashion…lots and lots! is one, and there are so many more–even for people who like to wear kimono. You can find them if you use Google.

Two of my favorite places to look at accessories online are Etsy (here are some of my favorite items) and Sock Dreams. Like most of my friends, I don’t really care about famous brands. I just like things that look interesting.

If you have links to fashion blogs or websites, in your language or in English, please comment and share them with us!

One thought on “Fashion Blogs & Websites”

  1. Hello, Clarissa! Thank you for sharing such nice fashion sites!
    I really like Etsy! I’m not very interested in famous brands, too.
    I’ll visit more sites that you recommend.
    And if you have time, please visit our shop’s site!

    Thank you!


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