New Laptop

MacBook image from Wikipedia
MacBook image from Wikipedia

I have a new laptop. I didn’t want a new laptop, but I have one.

On May 28, I came home at night after I went to a convention. My door was open a little bit, and the frame (the part around the door) was damaged. I realized that someone must have broken in to my townhouse. My friend and I looked inside, just a little. I saw that my laptop was gone. I wasn’t really surprised, because it’s a nice laptop. We called the police, of course. The police came and looked for fingerprints, but they didn’t find anything. The police officer said that the thief or thieves would probably not use the laptops–they would probably break them into parts and sell the parts. Since they didn’t take the power cords, I guess he was probably right.

This has never happened to me before, but the economy is pretty bad. I know people in several different countries who have experienced break-ins. And it could have been worse–nobody got hurt, and we have renters’ insurance.

Renter’s insurance is a kind of insurance for people who are renting their homes. You pay some money each year, but if you break or lose your things, or have something stolen, your insurance will pay to have it replaced. Since I had a MacBook Pro, which is kind of expensive, and we had a couple of other laptops, and a lot of books, etc., we got renter’s insurance about a year ago.

Anyway, it took some time to get our new laptops, but now I have a very nice new MacBook Pro. Our insurance paid for most of it. It has a new operating system and other new features that my old MacBook Pro didn’t have. Unfortunately, I’m missing a lot of files and photos, because I didn’t back up my data often enough. :( I’m very glad that I have a laptop again, though. I’m still setting it up (getting it ready) by downloading my favorite programs.

Have you ever had anything stolen from you? It’s not very common here (I know everyone thinks the US is really unsafe, but it’s usually pretty safe here.) It can happen anywhere, I think.

Damage (n./v.): to affect something in a bad way, to hurt something or someone. A thing that is damaged might be slightly broken or not perfect, or it could be totally smashed to pieces. “Damaged” is a very general word. Ex. 1) (in a bookstore) “Excuse me, this book is slightly damaged. You don’t have any more, so can you give me a discount on it?” 2) (a doctor) “You have slightly damaged your left knee, but you don’t need surgery.” 3) (a news report) “About twenty houses were damaged in flooding from the typhoon, and high winds caused damage to farms as well.”

Break in (v.), break-in (n.): to go into a building, car, etc., by forcing open or breaking a door, window, etc., usually to steal something. Ex. “There was a break-in at the museum last night.” “Somebody broke in and stole my cake!” “Someone broke in to her office, but they didn’t take anything.”

Thief (n.–pl. thieves): Someone who steals things.

“It could have been worse” (saying). In other words, something bad happened, but it was not the absolute worst thing possible. People say this to make themselves or you feel better after something bad happened. It’s a way to focus on the positive side of a bad event, and is very common (at least in American English). There are several related sayings and phrases, too.

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  1. Love this blog- helpful for students to use – but on the note you were addressing – I ended up with a new iMac myself – when my house was robbed of its dignity, sense of safety, and some material items like computers, our wii, and some jewelry.

  2. Glad you like it! And that’s too bad–I was really glad that some important-to-me (but not expensive) jewelry wasn’t taken, and slightly surprised that the Wii, DVD player, etc., weren’t taken. The thief or thieves were clearly targeting just laptops, although they also apparently checked under our bed (shudder!) for cash, and looked in some drawers and boxes (I guess for cash, credit cards, or obviously expensive jewelry). It’s a bad feeling, and so is the feeling that there’s not much you can do about it next time!

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