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English-language Word Processing

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Tweet Several of my students have had Japanese computers and Japanese operating systems, with Japanese versions of Word. They needed to write English essays for their classes. However, it’s difficult to get the settings (line spacing, paper size, etc.) correct […] [...]

Fashion Blogs & Websites

Tweet Here are some English-language blogs you might enjoy if you like fashion: The Fashion Police Files Advanced Style Haute Macabre (warning: includes lingerie/underwear) Ne Plus Ultras The Sartorialist The Dandy Project Mrs.O The Urban Gent The Chocolate Fashion Blog Punky Style Diary of a Vintage Girl Can you find one that suits you? There […] [...]

TED | Translations

Tweet I’m posting twice in one day! Crazy! Here’s a resource for intermediate to advanced learners: TED | Translations. TED talks have become extremely famous for their interesting topics and good presentations. The speeches are from 6-20 minutes long, with still images or videos (NOT traditional Powerpoint). The speakers talk about everything: dance, robots, food, […] [...]

New Laptop

Tweet I have a new laptop. I didn’t want a new laptop, but I have one. On May 28, I came home at night after I went to a convention. My door was open a little bit, and the frame (the part around the door) was damaged. I realized that someone must have broken in […] [...]