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When are Phrase Guides OK?

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Tweet I understand why people want to use phrase guides, follow phrase-posting Twitter accounts, etc. Here are some reasons I thought of. You want to memorize correct language and use it exactly the way you learned it with no mistakes. […] [...]

A rant!

Tweet I am going to take a minute to do something different. I’m going to write a “rant.” A rant is when people write or talk about something in an angry way. Usually, they talk about something that bothers them personally. They don’t just yell and scream. They explain why they are upset. Here is […] [...]

Where I’ve Lived

Tweet Today’s post is just a little bit about me. It’s not as interesting as baby squirrels, I think… View Where I’ve Lived in a larger map Both of my parents are from California, but I was born in a small town in Missouri. Missouri is a state near the middle of the US. It’s […] [...]