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Cooking Language

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Tweet I’m sorry I haven’t written much. My husband got a new job (which is good!) and my friend has been very sick (which is bad!). Did you know that different kinds of English have very different ways of talking […] [...]

A Poem That Reminds Me of San Francisco

Tweet I stayed at a hotel in San Francisco this weekend. From the hotel room on the fourteenth floor, I could see the fog come in. In the San Francisco Bay Area, fog comes in from the ocean in the evening. The fog usually stays until morning, and then it goes back to the ocean. […] [...]

Pitfalls: Funny

Tweet Funny looks like it should mean the same thing as “fun.” But it doesn’t. “Fun” is an adjective for something you enjoy, something you like doing, something that makes you happy. Playing a game is fun. Going sightseeing is fun. It’s fun to play with a kitten. Skiing looks like fun. I had a […] [...]

Pitfalls: Most vs. Almost vs. Almost All

Tweet Watch out for these two phrases. Many students confuse them, but their meanings are actually very different. When you use “almost all (of)”/”most (of)” with a noun phrase, and “almost” with a verb phrase, the meanings can be opposite! “Almost all (of)” means 80-99% (not all, but close to all). “Most (of)” means more […] [...]