Watch Out! It’s April Fool’s Day Again

Last year I wrote about April Fool’s Day. A lot of countries around the world enjoy this holiday, even though there is usually no time off for it. Because it is already April 1 in Australia, Japan, etc., you can already read about this year’s April Fool’s Day Jokes at Wikipedia. Which one do you think is funniest? I’m going to wait until I can read all of them.

No one is sure how April Fool’s Day got started. Some people say it’s because the European calendar was changed in the 1500s, and people who didn’t change their calendar to the new way were “April fools.” Other people think it comes from even older holidays or traditions. It’s probably related to the vernal equinox (the first day of spring, in late March). This day was a joyful holiday in many ancient cultures. We’ll probably never know exactly where it comes from, but it will probably be popular for a long time. People love to play jokes on each other.

The main Wikipedia page about April Fool’s Day tells us about some actual events that caused problems on April Fool’s Day. In 1946, there was a big earthquake on April Fool’s Day. It affected Hawaii and Alaska. More than 150 people died. Some say that people didn’t listen to the tsunami warnings because it was April 1.

If you hear anything shocking on April 1, be careful: you can’t be sure if it’s true or not.

(P. S. Did you read the Harry Potter books? The twins, Fred and George Weasley, have their birthdays on April 1.)

4 thoughts on “Watch Out! It’s April Fool’s Day Again”

  1. Great! I’m teaching about April Fools Day today (yes, I know it’s the 2nd, but it is the week of April Fools). Thanks for confirming that no one really knows how it got started so I don’t spend the next 3 hours trying to figure it out.

    Love your insight into western culture! So useful for us ESL/EFL teachers!

  2. whoa I’ve read six Harry Potter books (I’m still trying to read the seventh. My Dad bought me the English one last year, it’s still hard for me to read a long and complicated story like Harry Potter in English.), I never know that the twins were born on April 1. hahaha….

    and…. April Fool’s Day is not very popular here in Indonesia.

    Gosh, I love your blog, Clarissa! It makes me wanna read and read and read! thank you!

  3. Oh, thanks, Nisa! I really appreciate it. I need to write more! I see that you’re blogging in English. That’s great! A good way to practice … Yeah, Harry Potter is very difficult in English! I recommend trying something a little less complicated like Ella Enchanted. I’m trying to think of some other books, too.

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