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Watch Out! It’s April Fool’s Day Again

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Tweet Last year I wrote about April Fool’s Day. A lot of countries around the world enjoy this holiday, even though there is usually no time off for it. Because it is already April 1 in Australia, Japan, etc., you […] [...]

Subway Terms

Tweet Our reader Dmitry wrote to ask about subway words. Dmitry, if you are confused about American subway terms, I think that’s not surprising! Only a few cities in the US have subways, so most Americans don’t live near one. (I didn’t live in an area with a subway or metro until I was 21 […] [...]

Reading This Blog on Your Phone

Tweet The words “poll” and “survey” are similar. Both can be nouns or verbs. To “poll” or “survey” people (verb), you ask for their opinions about something, and then you share the answers. Newspapers and TV news shows often report on polls and surveys (noun). For example, “A new poll today showed that 89% of […] [...]

Contractions Aren’t Slang: “It’s” is Okay

Tweet Do you often use contractions when you speak? Contractions are words like it’s, I’m, they’re, we’ll, couldn’t, etc. (standing for the phrases it is, I am, they are, we will, could not, etc.). You probably quickly learned to use contractions in spoken English. You may have been told that contractions are slang or informal […] [...]


Tweet Do you use Twitter? (You can read about it in several languages on Wikipedia.) If you are a Twitter user, you can follow Readable. I’ll write about what I’m doing sometimes. I’ll try to use easy English, so beginners can read it too. You can send short, simple questions to me there. If the […] [...]