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Valentine’s Day in the USA: 3 Good Sites

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Tweet After the last post about Valentine’s Day, maybe you’d like to learn more about how it’s celebrated in the US. Here are three websites that describe Valentine’s Day. Each site is very different, but all of them are interesting. […] [...]

Valentine’s Day Differences

Tweet Valentine’s Day is coming up this Thursday! Are you ready? Valentine’s Day is celebrated differently around the world. What do you know about Valentine’s Day in the US? Check yourself by taking this quiz! Regarding Valentine’s Day in America … … do men and boys receive most of the chocolate? … do people often […] [...]

Quick Tip: Check a Name’s Gender

Tweet Sometimes it’s important to know if a person is a man or a woman, just from his or her name. Julia, Julio, Ben, Beth, Hiram, Hillary, Abdul, Abril: which of these personal names are male and which are female? Americans probably learn which is which by exposure through books and by meeting people. However, […] [...]