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Pitfalls: “Married TO,” Not “Married WITH”

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Tweet She is married to him. He was the first in his family to get married to someone from another country. Two of my friends would like to be married to each other, but it’s still not legal in this […] [...]

Introducing Pitfalls

Tweet A “pitfall” is something that’s dangerous, but hidden or hard to see. The original word referred to a kind of trap made by digging a hole in the ground and lightly covering it. I’m going to use this word for a new series of posts about vocabulary and grammar that are often misused. I […] [...]

Read Comic Books to Improve Your Reading Skills

Tweet Comic books are good for you! Really, it’s true. Take a break, read a comic … improve your reading. Stephen Krashen, a well-known education researcher, has said that comic books and other “light” reading can be an important part of learning to read at an academic level. His book The Power of Reading summarizes […] [...]

Take a Peek at the San Francisco Bay Area…Present Tense

Tweet Do you remember the present tense? (she walks, I read, he tells me, they buy some coffee, etc.) It’s probably one of the first things you learned in English. One place where you will often find the simple present tense is in captions–the explanatory writing that goes with a photo in a newspaper, magazine, […] [...]

Do You Have an Accent?

Tweet That’s the question asked by Professor Joseph L. Mbele, who is from Tanzania but teaches English at St. Olaf College in Minnesota (USA). The answer is yes. Everyone has an accent. I have an accent when I speak Chinese or Japanese, but I also have an accent when I speak English. The way you […] [...]