Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh no, I haven’t posted since Halloween! I’m sorry. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. You can read about Thanksgiving in the United States at Wikipedia (and also in Simple English). An interesting note in the main article is that many Americans associate the day after Thanksgiving with shopping. It’s the day sometimes called Black Friday. A lot of people read the newspaper ads on Thanksgiving (or check various websites) and find special discounts that they want to get. Sometimes people line up for hours to get a very cheap TV, videogame system, etc. Some of the stores can get really crazy.

Because of all the emphasis on buying things, some people think this day reflects the negative materialistic parts of our society. Instead, they promote thoughtfulness and lack of wastefulness through Buy Nothing Day, when they don’t buy anything. I don’t know if I’ll buy stuff on Friday or not!

Anyway, we’ll have four guests tomorrow for Thanksgiving, so the eight of us will eat turkey, pie, mashed potatoes, etc. Tomorrow, you should be able to see lots of Thanksgiving dinner photos on Flickr. Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, I’m still waiting for your comments. Please comment! I need to know that you are reading, so that I will be encouraged to keep writing.

3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Clarissa! I’m so jealous of your turkey! Looks like it’ll be Beijing duck tonight for our Thanksgiving feast! I actually prefer duck, but it’s Thanksgiving! How can we celebrate without a turkey and apple or pumpkin pie? I guess we’ll manage… somehow!

    Who are your guests? No family (aside from Clint of course)? I hope I can see your photos (though I think Flickr is firewalled — so is Wikipedia).

    Have a happy day!

  2. Duck is good too! Maybe I’ll put the photos on my website so everyone can see them. I don’t know if any of the photos will be any good…

    I should try to find other sources besides Wikipedia…it’s not fair to the Chinese readers (about 10% of my readers!).

  3. Yes! Hey, so what’s so threatening about Wikipedia anyway? I guess it’s the free knowledge about everything. Absolutely crazy that a country with billions of people can deny the majority of them of basic world knowledge!

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