Games and movies for study? Why not?

As you know, I believe in using enjoyable things to study. Movies and computer games are two great sources of English that can also be fun. Lots of English learners use movies to practice listening to English dialogue. The most popular way to do this is to watch a DVD with English dialogue and English subtitles. However, another technique that you can use is combining watching the movie and reading the script. The Internet Movie Script Database has hundreds of scripts to movies, and you can read them online without registering or downloading anything.

Play This Thing posts links to free games. Some of the games are just downloadable “demo” games, which don’t include the entire game. Others are full games, or cames that can be played entirely online. Most of the games are for computers, but there are a few others, including at least one “tabletop RPG” (role-playing game). The explanations use complicated English, and some of the games do too. But if you are a serious computer game-player, maybe you’ll find something you like. Playing games can be very motivating. Actually, many Americans my age practice their Japanese by playing videogames like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy in Japanese.

In a future post, I’ll write about working on your English by playing role-playing games (Wikipedia link; look on the bottom left for explanations in other languages).

One thought on “Games and movies for study? Why not?”

  1. Hi Clarissa – I thought you might be interested in a game I created too. It’s a fun (I hope) grammar test based on the grammar gambling classroom game. It’s aimed at learners practising on their own.

    I was taking a sabbatical from my career as a website producer and was really surprised at how my new (Burmese) students were so competitive. And they loved grammar gambling in the classroom, hence my making an online version!

    Hope you think it’s interesting :)

    – Richard

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