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Good words: Hole in the wall

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Tweet A hole in the wall, in current American English at least, usually refers to a small restaurant that may be dark, not well decorated, and otherwise not fancy. Most people use it in an affectionate way to refer to […] [...]

Halloween/Image Test

Tweet Jenn’s Wicked Jack O’Lantern Originally uploaded by wintersweet I’ve recently connected my flickr photo account with this blog account. I’m going to see if posting a photo this way works correctly. If it does, then I can more easily take pictures of daily life topics such as my apartment, cooking, holidays, etc., and share […] [...]

Free games from Cambridge

Tweet Recently I started using a new textbook with someone I’m tutoring. When I looked up the book’s website, I found out that the publisher (Cambridge) has put lots of free games online. You can practice with these games even if you don’t have the book, or to decide if you’d like to buy the […] [...]

Academics: Success with Research Papers/Contacting Professors

Tweet Today I found a good article about how to do research for university-level papers. Most undergraduates and nearly all graduate students in American universities will write several long “research papers” before they graduate. These papers are big projects, with two important parts: the research and the writing. Most students are so worried about the […] [...]