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Daily Yomiuri Online English Special

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Tweet There’s an interesting set of articles about English currently online at website for the Daily Yomiuri, a Japanese newspaper. I agree with many, though not all, of the ideas expressed in the articles. Here are two I particularly liked: […] [...]

A little science fiction for you

Tweet The Hugo Awards are given annually for outstanding works of science fiction and fantasy. Recently, many of the works that have been nominated are put online so that the voters can easily read them. They may not be online for a long time, so they’re worth reading now. Because they’re high-level, literary science fiction, […] [...]

One more comics-making site

Tweet I’m back from San Diego. I’m very busy with a class I’m teaching, but I hope I’ll be able to post more soon. In the meantime, here is one more place to make your own comics, Make Beliefs Comix. It’s specifically aimed at students “of all ages.” [...]

Away for a bit

Tweet On Thursday, I’m flying to San Diego to attend the statewide conference for CATESOL. My classmate and I are going to give a presentation about using Japanese comic books to teach English. It should be fun! I’m also going to attend lots of other presentations. I’ll probably be too busy to post here. However, […] [...]


Tweet StoryCorps is an interesting project to record ordinary Americans’ stories. There are booths in various parts of the USA, and people go in to talk about their family or personal histories. Of course, this means there are lots of different accents for you to listen to. There will probably also be a lot of […] [...]

ABCs for English Learners

Tweet Emily Chen wrote a list called ABCs for English Learners, which is a fun list of ways you can approach your English studies. [...]

April Fool’s Day

Tweet Yesterday was April Fool’s Day in many countries. You can read about the origins of April Fool’s Day on Wikipedia. Many news organizations, companies, and individuals make joke announcement on this day. As a result, people may not believe you if you tell them surprising news on this day, even if it’s true. And […] [...]