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I am at the annual conference for TESOL. TESOL is an international organization for teachers who teach ESL/EFL. Many of the teachers and those who are giving presentations are also non-native speakers. It’s a really fun, informative, international event.

Today I heard about an ESL class who wrote restaurant reviews and put them on the web. You can read the reviews at the page, Seattle Area Restaurant Reviews. These reviews are interesting for other readers, partly because the students wrote about restaurants serving food from their home countries.

You can do this too. You can start your own blog, your own website, or use a public reviewing service. If you live in the US, etc., you can write your reviews at Yelp, a popular site. For other countries, just type the name of your country, city, or region into a search engine along with “restaurant reviews.” You can also search for the name of area along with “food blog.”

If you live in a country with few English speakers, the foreigners in your country will really appreciate being able to read about restaurants in English. You will be helping international visitors and residents enjoy living in your country. (If you do this, please send me a link to it!)

Here are some other places where you can read reviews:

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