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Write your own comics

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Tweet Here are three web-based comic strip makers: StripGenerator has cool black and white graphics ToonDoo is very cartoony Comeeko lets you use your own photos All three are free, though you need to register. You don’t have to draw […] [...]

Learning to learn

Tweet In my MA program, we talk about “metacognitive strategies.” These strategies are ways you consciously think about how to learn, use, and remember information or skills. One way to think about it is “learning how to learn better.” This article, Hacking Knowledge, lists 77 different ways to learn better. I don’t agree with all […] [...]

Listen and Read at Learning Resources

Tweet Learning Resources lets you read short news stories and listen to a recording of the story. If the article is too hard, you can click on “Abridged Story” and “Story Outline” to help you. Afterwards, you can check yourself by answering questions. The news stories come from two TV stations in the San Francisco […] [...]

Writing about food

Tweet I am at the annual conference for TESOL. TESOL is an international organization for teachers who teach ESL/EFL. Many of the teachers and those who are giving presentations are also non-native speakers. It’s a really fun, informative, international event. Today I heard about an ESL class who wrote restaurant reviews and put them on […] [...]

Free reading resources: comics!

Tweet Finding fun things to read in English is important. Trying to read textbooks all the time can make your head hurt and make you want to quit reading. The Webcomic List is a list of mostly free online comics. Some may be hard to read, but spend some time looking around for something fun […] [...]

Free listening resources

Tweet One major theme of this blog is free resources that you can access online to help you study English. There are lots of good resources on the internet, but they can be hard to find sometimes. So I hope I can help you find resources that you’ll enjoy using. Here are a few resources […] [...]


Tweet I’d like to introduce myself and this new project to you. My name is Clarissa C. S. Ryan. I am finishing my master’s degree in English/TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). My bachelor’s degree is in history, with a minor in Asian studies. I have studied two languages academically: Chinese and Japanese. […] [...]